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Film for a World – a fundraiser event in support of SOS MEDITERRANEE e.V.

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Unlimited support – a fundraiser event in support of SOS MEDITERRANEE e.V.
When: 2 March at 8 pm
Where: Kino Babylon Mitte in the Great Hall
Rosa-Luxemburg-Str. 30; 10178 Berlin, Germany
We,  filmmakers who organize this film evening, are horrified at the massive  loss of refugees’ lives at Europe’s external borders. People drown in  the Mediterranean Sea, bleed to death while attempting to cross the  border fences of Ceuta and Melilla and succumb to freezing temperatures  on the Balkan route -. The European policy of sealing external borders  has a share in the responsibiliy for this tragedy.
We are spectators of one of the biggest crimes in European post-war history. But we do not wish to turn a blind eye.
The  film evening is organized in support of SOS MEDITERRANEE e.V., a  European organization with a mission to rescue people in the  Mediterranean Sea. Its commitment continues to be indispensable. Thanks  to the efforts of this organization, more than 8,000 people have been  saved from drowning.
Your donations  allow for this vital work to continue. Four euros from each entry ticket  go to SOS MEDITERRANEE – literally a drop in the ocean.
Therefore,  in addition, we ask you to generously contribute to the fundraiser for  SOS MEDITERRANEE e.V. – In order to facilitate donations,  representatives of the organization will be attending the event.
The  organizers wish to thank the cinema Babylon, which has waived part of  their income, as well as Babelsberg Konrad Wolf and the German Film and  Television Academy Berlin, who declined to charge a screening fee in  support of SOS MEDITERRANEE.
More about the organization:
Films from the Film Academy Babelsberg Konrad Wolf
  • IMRAAN C / O CARROM CLUB – Germany, 2014, Director: Udita Bhargava, documentary, 14 min
  • LITTLE MISS NEUKÖLLN – Germany, 2010, Director: Stepan Altrichter & Stefan Höh, documentary, 15 min
  • FLAMINGO PRIDE – Germany, 2011, Director: Tomer Eshed, Animation film, 6 min
Films of the German Film and Television Academy Berlin (DFFB)
  • BERLIN TROIKA – Germany, 2014, Director: Andrej Gontcharov, Cast: Matthew Burton, Dieter Wardetzky,
Alexander Khuon, Sebastian Blomberg, Length: 10 min, OmU
  • THE HOUSE In THE ENVELOPE – Germany, 2015, Director: Sanela Salketic, Cast: Demet Gül, Özer Arslan,
Vedat Erincin, Aysan Sumercan, Length: 16 min, OmU
  • SCHÜTZERRAUM – Germany, 2014, Director: Zora Rux, Cast: Maelle Giovanetti, Gorges Ocloo, Thelma
Buabeng, Franziska Wulf, Viola Neumann, Sven Taddicken, Length: 13 min, UmO
Prisma Vision Films:
  • OUT OF ORDER – Spain, 2006, Director: Lucia Vannucchi, with: Angel Burgos, Fanny Condado,
Length: 4 min, OmU
  • Craig  Judelman and the Milksoup Orchestra – Germany, 2017 Director: Stephan  Talneau, Music Group Craig Judelman and the Milksoup Orchestra, Length: 4  min,
The organizers
Directors  Lucia Vannucchi (Instituto del Cine de Madrid and the International  Film and TV School of San Antonio de Los Baños, Cuba) and Bianca Bodau  (Film Academy Babelsberg Konrad Wolf) initiated and curated this film  evening, in the hope that the students of the film academies will invite  their relatives, friends and acquaintances, patrons and groupies to the  cinema, to spend a wonderful evening together and support the  extraordinary work of SOS Mediteranee with their donations.
Bianca Bodau: *
Lucia Vannucchi: *

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