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The color of words. A biographical essay about Egle Marini and her artistic research.

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[image:image-1]Egle Marini, a painter and poet, sister of the well-known sculptor Marino Marini, has been present in the Tuscan art scene on between the two wars. Historians depict her as elusive and reserved, and, although she has been a prominent figure, she is hardly known to the public today.
Therefore the biographical investigation of Egle from the historical and artistic point of view has aroused our interest.

We have traced the stages of her life to find out the themes of her art that have developed through painting, graphics and poetry. Themes based on profound, intimate reflections and particular life-choices, which have led her to decide early in her artistic career to abandon (but only publicly) the domain of painting in favor of poetry, an expression of a more private daily life.
Her artistic pursuit continued among the domestic walls with extraordinary results.

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