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Egle Marini was a painter and poet closely linked to her family and her twin brother Marino, who was destined to become one of the most important artistic personalities of the twentieth century. Egle is also author of works of great value, but witness to another destiny.
The story of her life is exemplary of the condition lived by women before the second half of the twentieth century: encouraged towards other priorities than their personal achievement, and almost always destined to remain silent talents.
Her most famous paintings are related only to her youth, before she officially stopped painting and devoted herself to poetry.
Original archives of exceptional documentary value mark the salient stages of her biography: happy infancy and adolescence, family relationships and art, the difficulties during the Second World War, the discovery of poetry, the continuous and stimulating dialogue with her brother on the traces of her own artistic identity.
Two pieces of video art on the theme of duplication, of mirroring. It is a recurrent theme in the life of Egle, which gives us the opportunity to reflect on the particular empathy between her and Marino.
In the videos you can contextually enjoy listening to a poem written by Egle and seeing two of the most famous masterpieces made by the sculptor Marino: "Miracolo" and "Pomone".
Thanks to the camera, we can enter two related but independent artistic dimensions: the plasticism of sculpture and the lyricism of words.
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