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Sui sentieri di libertà


Sui sentieri di libertà

OV Italian - German SUB

Sui sentieri di libertà (Paths of Freedom), 2011, 54´, dir. Lucia Vannucchi.
In the autumn of 1943 the Italian Resistance against the Nazi-Fascist  occupation is already fully operational on the Tuscan-Emilian Apennines  and in the Garfagnana — two of the main areas where the opposition  against the regime successfully develops thanks to the unconditional  support of the local population.
The documentary covers the entire Resistance experience up until the  armistice agreement signed shortly after the end of WWII. It focuses on  the testimonies of a rather diverse group of partisans belonging to two  of the most numerous formations of the area: the Bozzi and Pippo brigades.
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